Project Lazarus on Wheels (PLoW)

PLoW is a mobile resource center that provides countywide assistance to those affected by substance use disorder. It's designed to deliver resources to individuals that can’t or won’t seek them out.  The goal of Project Lazarus on Wheels is to reach areas in the county that are the most heavily hit by the epidemic and which may be underserved at this time.  The services and resources provided by Project Lazarus include:

  • Overdose reversal trainings (Narcan)

  • Distribution of Narcan

  • Substance Use Disorder education

  • Recovery resources

  • ID assistance

  • Harm reduction (wound care kits, condoms, hygiene kits)

  • Referrals to D&A treatment centers

  • Referrals for medical/mental health issues

  • Insurance issues

  • Food stamps/cash assistance applications

  • Housing issues (referrals to housing specialists)

  • Transportation issues

  • OVR referral/CareerLink

  • Case management referrals

  • Medication issues

  • Domestic violence/child abuse issues

  • Referrals to clothing/food banks/free meals

  • Referrals to homeless shelters/transitional housing

  • Referrals to ESL and adult education programs

  • Referrals to parenting classes

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PLoW is at Addiction Recovery Systems (ARS)
Thursdays 6:30AM - 11AM
2192 Embassy Dr, Lancaster, PA 17603


 due to COVID-19 

Please see our Community Resources page for COVID-19
symptoms, tips & safe
Harm Reduction information.

Project Lazarus
Lancaster County